100th Anniversary

First-ever Designation of Koji
as a Functional Food Product

First Functional Display Obtained with Koji Mold

First-ever Designation of Koji as a Functional Food Product

Amazake made from Koji

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New Milestone in Hakkaisan Brewery’s Amazake Business: Functional Food Product Designation

Our Amazake made from Koji product, which is a traditional, sweet-tasting, fermented-rice amazake (also spelled amasake) beverage, has been registered as a functional food product in reflection of its production method and flavor.
We use koji—rice onto which koji-kin mold has been propagated—made with highly polished rice from our sake-making operations, which fosters an undiluted, pure and refreshing amazake flavor.

Amazake made from Koji is made without any added sugar, its gentle sweetness attained instead through saccharification of the koji. At Hakkaisan Brewery, we have full faith in the quality of our koji, and this refined beverage is the result.

It contains the HJ1 strain of Aspergillus oryzae mold (koji-kin mold) as well as koji-derived glucocerebroside, which are the two ingredients we cited in our successful application for permission to display functional food product labeling—the first-ever certification received for these ingredients, in fact!

Certified product functions:
・The HJ1 strain of koji-kin fosters a healthier intestinal environment and improves bowel movements
・Koji-derived glucocerebroside helps maintain healthy skin moisture levels

Additionally, Hakkaisan Brewery is engaged in joint research activities with universities, hospitals and other such institutions to discover further benefits which can be gained from koji-based amazake products. As a producer of amazake, we intend to continue our research into health-related functions and safety in food products.

Wide Selection of Recipes
Browse our wide range of recommended food and drink recipes that use amazake: https://www.amasake.jp/recipe/


Amazake made from Koji is scheduled for release in March 2024 with a new packaging design

Amazake made from Koji (refrigeration required)
MSRP for 825 g size: ¥864
MSRP for 410 g size: ¥475
MSRP for 118 g size: ¥205
*All prices shown include consumption tax.
*This product will be sold at department stores, liquor shops and similar throughout Japan.
*No changes will be made to production method, flavor or pricing between now and the product release.

Registration number: I290
*The producer of this product has submitted a notification to the commissioner of the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency of this product’s labeling as one expected to provide certain health benefits to users, and the producer accepts all relevant responsibility therein. However, this product is not classified as a specially designated health food, and thus has not been subjected to individual inspection by said Agency. *This product is not intended for use in diagnosing, treating or preventing illnesses. Users are encouraged to eat a balanced diet consisting of staple foods, main dishes and side dishes.


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